The Coronavirus emergency touched us closely, forcing us to cancel the second edition of “La Quairmesse – Swiss Made Music”.


However, this did not stop our desire to share Swiss music, to share culture and to extract some music from the over 400 applications received.


Thanks to the support of Rete3, Couleur3, SRF3, RTR, MX3, as well as the videos of “The Doorbell“, a brand new FOCE project, you can listen to 5 different podcasts to get closer to Swiss music.


We will return in 2021 with more desire to have fun, to entertain and to showcase the liveliest and most surprising Swiss music scene!


With the online project The Doorbell, artists open the doors of their home and show us their everyday life. A way for FOCE to be present even now, in this abnormal situation, between reflection and artistic performance.

In a moment that prevents the world of arts to organize events in their traditional form, FOCE wants to keep promoting culture through a digital project. With The Doorbellguests of different origins, genres and fields, open the doors of their twisted everyday routine and discuss the impact of isolation on their art.


At the beginning there was poetry: Janine Cathrein wrote and wrote again, fascinated by the fact that she was able to translate feelings into words. She would have ended up being a journalist or with a violin at the conservatory, but she discovered the guitar. From that moment on she practiced and composed continuously, combining his words with sounds: this was the origin of Black Sea Dahu. Cathrein’s warm, dark voice is her trademark. She sings accompanied by cello, guitar, bass, keys and percussion in a mix of sounds and magic. The music that touches our feelings, gives strength, music that is authentic and tangible since it is made and played by real people. And regardless of future prospects, it becomes clear that in the end music will always remain.


The brothers Sam and Matt from Rome pack their bags, they leave Italy and they come to Switzerland. What sounds like the beginning of an adventure story turns out to be the starting signal of a successful duo: The two-man formation quickly grows up to a six-member band which has been on the road since 2015. Now, after more than 150 concerts and festivals throughout Europe – including the Gurten Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Taubertal Festival and many more – they released the new album “Everything.Now!”.


Since 2010, Flavian Graber unites various musicians and artists in his band We Invented Paris, reinventing his music as they go along. After the release of three albums, each flaunting its own style, having headlined several tours through Europe and having experienced the birth of his second child, Graber knows how to play to his strengths: he wrote an album with tunes that go right under your skin and make the world stand still for just a moment. His songs ring with our world’s unanswered questions and wrap listeners in their timeless sound.


Odd Beholder was founded in a bomb shelter in Dietikon. The duo develops their music from miniatures. Their debut EP “Lighting” features choir arrangements that range over three octaves and eerie field recordings. Daniela Weinmann wrote her songs in the flat of the artist Curdin Tones in Amsterdam. The final recording sessions took place in Berlin. Their live sound is characterized by minimalistic drum programming and analogue synth sounds.


4 podcasts, 4 languages, almost 2 hours of music.

From the beginning, the goal of La Quairmesse has been to unite the linguistic regions, under the common denominator of music.

A goal also shared by Rete3, SRF3, Couleur3, RTR, who fully embraced the cause

and wanted to give their valuable contribution with the podcasts “Tutti per 1” / “Tuts per 1” / “Tous pour 1” / “Alle für 1” that you find below.


Presented by Francois Küffer



Danitsa – Captain

Mält – Mon Amour, Amour

Sam Himself – Nobody

Alas The Sun – Absence of Time


Presented by Hana Gadze



Naomi Lareine – Get It

Marius Bear – Roots

Bumblebees – Dream Forever

The Animen – Modern Nostalgia


Presented by Danilo Bavier



Tawnee – United

Fiona Cavegn – Mona Lisa

Me + Marie – Another Place

Curdin Nicolay – Lat da Chavra


“MX3 Best of Tutti per 1”


In addition to the 15-minute podcasts in 3 languages, Rete3 went further, recording a 50-minute-long broadcast with a special selection of Swiss music.

Click on the “MX3 Best of Tutti per 1” podcast now and let the music keep you company.

Presented by Max Rossi



Tatum Rush – Gotta Good Dance

Baron.E – Danser dans le noir

Billie Bird – Les déferlantes

Chien Blue – J’aime le feu

Nadine Carina – December

Le Roi Angus – Tout ça

Len Sander – Woman on the Run

Marquise Fair – Love Can Be

Nic Gyalson – You Could Almost

Maryne – Overdose

Niece – Myself

Tawara – Horizon

Animor – Somebody Loves You

All videoclips of the songs are available here: link


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